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Responsible Editor

DiaMed Beratungsgesellschaft für pharmazeutische Unternehmen mbH
Am Mittelhafen 20
48155 Münster

Tel.: +49 (0)251 60939-0
E-mail: info@diamed.org

CEO: Dr. Johannes Kremer
Registered at: Amtsgericht Münster
Registration No.: HRB 3814
V.A.T.-Id. No.: DE126108564


Dr. Johannes Kremer

Photo Credits

Starting page: Calvin, Zoonar // Company, About, Team : Annie Cavanagh, Wellcome Images // Partners, Career: David Gregory & Debbie Marshall, Wellcome Images // Management: Melanie Vollmert, Zoonar // Mission Statement: Stefan Eberhard, Wellcome Images // Services: Annie Cavanagh & David McCarthy, Wellcome Images // Links: Professor Alan Boyde, Wellcome Images // Newsletter: Martin Knight, Wellcome Images // Contact, Coordinates: Marlene W., Aboutpixel.de // Site Note, Privacy Policy: David Gregory & Debbie Marshall, Wellcome Images // Circular: Dr. David Furness, Wellcome Images


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Data protection

We do not store personal data without your approval. However, if you decide to contact us by e-mail, we will store the respective message. The decision whether to provide us with further details which might be necessary to continue working on your inquiry is up to you. This data will be stored.

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